Photo by: Hilary Currer


Below, you will find some useful links to resources separated into the following categories:

General Links
Community Links
Municipality Links
Recreation Links
Tourism Links

General Links

Be Bear Wise

Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation

Lake of Bays Renewable Energy Cooperative (LOBREC)

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA)

Huntsville Lake of Bays Lakes Council

Muskoka Lakes Association

Muskoka Water Web

Muskoka Watershed Council

Safe Quiet Lakes

Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation (WRAFT)

Community Links

Baysville Community
(Includes a Google interactive Map of Baysville and the entire South Shore Times scanned in)

Baysville Walkabout

Baysville Farmer’s Market

Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative: a registered charity that offers recent cancer survivors the opportunity to spend a week at a private, donated cottage to reconnect and rejuvenate with family and friends after successfully completing treatment.

Dorset Community

The H.O.L.D. Community Group [Hillside, Oxtongue Lake, Dwight]

Huntsville Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce

Bethune United Church

Lake of Bays Anglican Church

Huntsville Doppler

Norway Point Church

Municipality Links

District of Muskoka

District of Muskoka’s Long Range Waste Management Plan

Township of Lake of Bays

Development Permit By-law, Township of Lake of Bays

Town of Huntsville

Recreation Links

Around Lake of Bays

The Baysville Curling Club

Explorer’s Edge

Lake of Bays Sailing Club

Lake of Bays Tennis Club

Tourism Links

Discover Muskoka

Muskoka Heritage Place