Photo by: Janine Geddes

LOBA Committees

Environment Committee

The objectives of LOBA’s Environment Committee are: To monitor the environmental health of the Lake of Bays watershed – land and water – and to identify threats that could materially affect that health; To promote good stewardship practices that will aid in the sustainability and enhancement of the watershed; To ensure that Lake of Bays environmental concerns are fairly and accurately represented in decision making by the Township and District.

Planning, Development & Government Relations Committee

The mandate of the Planning, Development & Government Relations Committee is to ensure that the natural environment and inherent beauty of Lake of Bays is maintained in perpetuity through the encouragement of sympathetic and sustainable development patterns and densities on private lands; and to support LOBA’s mission statement by participating actively and constructively in political and other activities in the Township of Lake of Bays and surrounding communities in order to advance and protect the interests of our members and the general community.

Membership and Area Stewards Committee

The Membership and Area Stewards Committee strives to maintain and increase the membership of LOBA and our volunteer Area Stewards serve as public relations representatives for the Lake of Bays Association.

Communications Committee

The mandate of the Communications Committee is to oversee all aspects of member communications. To meet these objectives, the Communications Committee is actually a composite of five sub-committees that oversee various services provided to our members.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is your eyes and ears on what is happening in boating safety and other recreational activities. Our mission is to monitor, assess and make recommendation for recreation and safety issues on the lake and adjacent lands.

Archives Committee

The mandate of the Archives Committee is to collect, organize, describe, preserve, and make available the published and unpublished records of the Lake of Bays Association and the Association’s chief officers.