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Useful Links

Here are some links you may find useful.

Septic Smart!

Understanding Your Home’s Septic System

Well Aware Program: free well assessment
A confidential, non-regulatory service that will assist you in competently assessing your well

To get the facts on shorelines, habitat, septics, invasive species, night skies, etc

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
Cooperative Approaches to Protect Canada’s Water Resources
The Centre for Sustainable Watersheds is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to help community groups become more effective in protecting their water resources.

District of Muskoka
In design and function, the District Municipality of Muskoka closely parallels other Regional Municipalities in Ontario with the District Corporation forming the upper tier of a two-tier system of local government. The following six Area Municipalities comprise the lower tier in Muskoka: Town of Bracebridge, Town of Gravenhurst, Town of Huntsville, Township of Georgian Bay, Township of Lake of Bays and Township of Muskoka Lakes. This website provides contact information for staff and Council members, services and responsibilities of the District of Muskoka and a calendar of meetings.

District of Muskoka’s Long Range Waste Management Plan
Muskoka has initiated a long-range waste management planning process to ensure that adequate waste management capacity is available for its citizens until at least 2035. This plan will include consideration of opportunities for both waste diversion and waste disposal. Approximately 10 years of disposal capacity remains and Muskoka will require approval under the Environmental Assessment (EA) Act for any new disposal facilities. This web page will provide up to date information about the long-range waste management plan including notices of meetings, newsletters, documents, etc.

Muskoka Water Web
A website produced through a partnership of the District of Muskoka, the Muskoka Watershed Council and the Muskoka Heritage Foundation that tells you everything you want to know about water in Muskoka.

Muskoka Watershed Council
The Muskoka Watershed Council is committed to the enhancement of the health and sustainability of those watersheds lying partially or totally within the District of Muskoka.