Photo by: Hilary Currer


The Lake of Bays Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization of permanent and seasonal residents. The association has been successfully contributing to the Lake of Bays environment and community since 1927. Here are just a few of the Lake of Bays Association’s successes:

  • We are leaders in water quality testing
    The water-testing program has monitored water clarity and phosphorous enrichment since the 1960’s
  • We were the first municipality in Ontario to regulate shoreline vegetation using development permits
    The Lake of Bays Association has worked for ten years to ensure environmental sustainability is part of the Township’s Official Plan and to protect the lake and its environment through development permits, which control the impact of building and other changes
  • We argued for and got increased police-boat patrols to improve water safety
  • We ensured that the Echo Valley development respected the adjacent watercourse and wetlands and paid its fair share of taxes
  • We worked with council and developers during Bigwin Island’s redevelopment to ensure stormwater runoff from the golf course would not hurt the lake
  • We’ve provided over 1,200 educational packages to lakeside residents on septic system maintenance and the value of natural shorelines
  • We keep an action fund so we can respond quickly and effectively to inappropriate development proposals

All of this goes a long way to preserving the quality of the lake water and the value of your property.