Photo by: Hilary Currer

Lost and Found

To help you find your lost items or an owner of a found item, we compile the lists below for items listed as missing by cottagers and items found around the lake.

To post an item please email the description and if possible a photograph, as well as contact info (name, email and/or phone number) to:

Please be sure to notify us if your item has been recovered so that we can remove it from the list.


  • 8‘ x 8‘ floating dock used for a work surface and safety platform. Contact Fred Bozek at 705-783-3598 or (posted 2019-10-25)
  • Raft. Could have disappeared early July from east side of lake, south of Bona Vista. Not in great shape, but useful. Blue stryoform floatation system. Please call 705-635-2567 or text 613-324-4356. Click here for a picture. (posted 2019-07-30)
  • Floating dock from the Little Trading Bay area. Click here for a picture. Contact Tim, 647-889-7717, (posted 2019-05-06)
  • Yellow kayak from 1892 Foxpoint Road. Contact Erika, (posted 2019-05-06)
  • Piece of blue dock from 1023 Deep Water Road, Dwight. Contact Sharon Robinson 905-213-2237 or (posted 2019-05-31)
  • Wooden floating swimming raft approximately 8′ x 8’, white metal ladder on one side. Floated away in high water from east side of the narrows, Emerald Bay Area  near marina. Contact Diane Arrell at or 905 572 1792. (posted 2019-05-31)


  • Two kayaks, one red, one blue, at 1892 Foxpoint Road. Contact Erika, Click here for picture. (posted 2019-08-02)
  • Floating dock found near 1131 Old Highway 117. Click here and here for pictures. Contact the Association ( if it’s yours. (posted 2019-05-15)
  • 10×20 older dock floated down to 1159 The Narrows Road, located in the Narrows about 1 mile west of Dorset on the south shore. It is tied to the dock. Click here for picture. Call Doug at 416-209-2715. (posted 2019-05-21)
  • Dock at far west end of Rabbit Bay. Suspect owner resides in Rabbit Bay. Click here for picture. Contact John at (posted 2019-05-21)
  • Ramp or piece of dock found on west shoreline of Trading Bay. Click here for picture. Contact 519-503-7626 (posted 2019-05-21)
  • Windsurfer Board, yellow, grey and light brown. Name JIMMY STYKES and APEX Board, attached to heavy wood case by cable. Presently on dock in Trading Bay, south shore, two-slip boathouse, fourth boathouse from Paint Lake entrance.
  • Raft, in water at the beach at 1840 Foxpoint. Click here and here for pictures. Contact 416-562-7064 (posted 2019-05-21)
  • Floating Mat found in Autumn 2018. Found in Portage Bay. Click here for picture. Contact Walt at 705-635-9627 (reposted 2019-05-21)
  • Dock in bay at  Bona Vista Road. Click here for picture. Contact Warren at 416-816-1769 (posted 2019-05-24)
  • Raft at the boat launch on South Portage Road. Click here for picture. (posted 2019-05-31)
  • Waterski found. Email Joanne at with make and colour if you think it’s yours. (posted 2019-05-31)
  • Dock washed up two years ago at 1600 Seabreeze Road. It is on the shore chained to a tree between boathouse and small cabin to the east. Chain can be undone from the dock with a removable link and it requires only a small wrench or pair of pliers to do so. If you take the dock, please leave the chain attached to the tree. Contact Tim Vick at (posted 2019-05-31)
  • Dock washed up across from Langmaids Island. Click here and here for pictures. Contact