Photo by: Hilary Currer

Lost and Found

To help you find your lost items or an owner of a found item, we compile the lists below for items listed as missing by cottagers and items found around the lake.

To post an item please email the description and if possible a photograph, as well as contact info (name, email and/or phone number) to:

Please be sure to notify us if your item has been recovered so that we can remove it from the list.


  • Red Muskoka Chair must have blown off the dock sometime in the past three weeks. Two of them blew off, but we have recovered one. They were tied to the dock. Red, made of wood. Please call Diane at 647-523-6311 or email Thanks for looking.  (posted 2020-05-19)
  • Canoe from Dwight Bay.  Green fiberglass canoe with “Reid” painted on it. Drifted off during a spring storm…might have ended up in the Dwight Beach area. Contact Rita at 416-918-4083. posted 2020-05-19)
  • Dock and Ramp from Dwight Bay. Was pulled up on shore for the winter and tied, at our property along side Dwight Beach Road. The rope was cut and both ramp and dock are missing. Ramp was approx 6 x 3 (18 sq ft) and the dock was approx 8 x 10 with large black hard floats underneath. Dock and ramp were 3 years old with white thin boat bumper and a dock cleat. Please call 905 359 8144 if found. Click here, here, here and here for pictures. (posted 2020-04-24)
  • 8‘ x 8‘ floating dock used for a work surface and safety platform. Contact Fred Bozek at 705-783-3598 or (posted 2019-10-25)