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WRAFT Letters, News and Reports

WRAFT Report September 2009.
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WRAFT Report May 2009.
View the WRAFT Report for May 2009

WRAFT Report January 2008.
View the WRAFT Report for Jan 2008

WRAFT Report May 2007.
View the WRAFT Report for May 2007

It’s Now or Never! – CAPTR Capping Rationale, April 2007
View the Rationale for a 5% Cap on Property Assessment

Update on Property Tax Reform from CAPTR and WRAFT, November 2006.
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Ombudsman Report – Investigation into the Transparency of the Property Assessment Process and the Integrity and Efficiency of Decision-Making at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.
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Community Activity News and Reports

District Cuts Development Charges by 50 %

At a Special Meeting of District Council on June 30, 2014, it was decided to reduce Development Charges by 50 % over values that have been in place since 2009. This action was taken in response to very low rates of development experienced throughout the District of Muskoka in recent years.

Lake of Bays Association supported the continuation of Development Charges at current rates, but with special provisions for reduced rates for Affordable Housing projects. LOBA also encouraged investigation of a new progressive Development Charge regime based on livable floor area or some similar measure. A copy of LOBA’s presentation to Council can be found here.

The Development Charge for a single detached or semi-detached housing unit in an urban area served by water and sewer is thus reduced from $18,940 to $9,470. Similarly the Development Charge for single detached or semi-detached housing unit in a rural area is reduced from $6,771 to $3,385.

These Development Charge rates will be in effect for a period of five years providing that Council does not re-visit the issue at an earlier date.

Township of Lake of Bays Strategic Plan Update January 2010
Between May and August 2009, hundreds of citizens of the Township of Lake of Bays re-affirmed the Township’s vision and crafted seven strategies to work on together as a community. If you have an interest in seeing the Vision and Strategies for Lake of Bays become reality, volunteer to join one of the Strategy teams.
District Debt Reduction Initiative and LOBA’s Reaction
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Snapshot of report
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Dorset Library Closing meets Strong Opposition – Feb ’08
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