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Using the Dorset Health Hub

How To Best Use The Dorset Health Hub The Dorset Health Hub looks forward to welcoming our summer guests and is getting ready for its first summer. We are expecting to see an increase in use of the hub over the summer months. We want to insure that we provide the right information in a…

Hydro One Release 7 April

Hydro One will be undertaking line clearing, annual maintenance and upgrades to more than 1,000 kilometres of lines in Muskoka and Parry Sound. Minimal disruption of service to customers anticipated. HYDRO ONE MEDIA RELEASE April 7 2016

2015 Water Quality Report for Lake of Bays

Volunteers, coordinated by the LOBA Environment Committee, collected samples for analysis of total phosphorus concentrations on five occasions during the summer of 2015 (June 28, July 20, August 4 and 23, and September 4). Total phosphorus concentrations were well below applicable provincial guidelines indicating excellent water quality and were generally lower in 2015 in comparison…

MNRF Work Permit Required for Over-Water Structures

MNRF Work Permit Required for ALL Structures Over the Water Greater than 161 sq.ft. Due to a recent court decision the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) now requires the submission of an application and issuance of a MNRF work permit for ALL docks, boathouse, boat ports and any structure over the water greater…

NEW Customer Service Portal on Township Website

Now you can submit your QUESTIONS, CONCERNS or COMMENTS to the Township of Lake of Bays using the new Customer Service Portal on their website Click on the icon found on the rotating Public Notice Board on the website ( or follow the link below.

Council Approves Reduced Setbacks

Council approves reduced development setbacks and smaller waterfront back lots. On November 10, Council voted to amend the Official Plan to allow a standard shoreline setback of 20 metres for new development on all lakes in the Township. Currently the standard is 20 metres for larger lakes and 30 metres for smaller more remote lakes…

The ATV By-Law

Off-Road Vehicles allowed on all Township roads, with some exceptions Lake of Bays Township Council has approved a new by-law to allow off-road vehicles (ORV’s) on all but 22 township roads. The roads that were granted exception are listed on Schedule A of the ORV By-law to Regulate the Use of ORV’s on Municipal Roads….

ATV By-Law Update: Council Approves ATV Access

Council Approves ATV Access on All Roads, With Some Exceptions Road exceptions to be considered only if request submitted by residents Deadline for input is November 30th On October 20th, Lake of Bays Council passed a resolution that “directs staff to present an ATV By-law that includes all township & district roads with exceptions, and…


Further to our last correspondence (July 8th) which set out the concerns of your Executive and Board with the Township’s proposal to reduce the minimum size of Waterfront Back Lots, we have received numerous comments from the membership who have also forwarded correspondence to the Township Clerk (Carrie Sykes at: CLICK HERE to read…