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Using the Dorset Health Hub

How To Best Use The Dorset Health Hub

The Dorset Health Hub looks forward to welcoming our summer guests and is getting ready for its first summer. We are expecting to see an increase in use of the hub over the summer months. We want to insure that we provide the right information in a timely manner so that cottagers can make the best decisions about when to access the Hub. Cottagers and seasonal visitors may not be aware of how the hub works and therefore we want to continue to spread the word on how to use the hub.

We are a community health care hub with limited resources and we operate differently than a walk-in clinic. We are able to serve patients who are both registered to us and those who are not. Although we are not a walk-in clinic we are able to provide timely access to care for unexpected illnesses/injuries. We do this by keeping appointment slots available that can be used the same day or the next day when someone is ill. We ask that you call to request an appointment.

By asking patients to call first we ensure that you do not have a lengthy wait time in our waiting room. We are concerned about ensuring access to those in the most need therefore we want to avoid walk in appointments so that we do not affect the appointments of those who have booked ahead of time. This will ensure everyone is seen in a timely and efficient manner.

We would also like residents and visitors to know that we are not an emergency room/ replacement for a hospital. We do hope that we are able to prevent some emergency room visits where applicable (for unexpected illnesses/injuries such as sore throat, ear infection, eye infection, cuts, scrapes, rashes, urinary tract infections) but when experiencing a life threatening injury or illness you should always call 911. As a Primary Care Office, we simply do not have the mandate, staff or facilities to operate as an emergency room.

Our goal is to provide accessible primary care to our residents and seasonal visitors. Please share this information with others and help us spread the word on how to use the hub.

The Health Hub is located at 1096 Main Street (south of the bridge).
For more information, hours of operation or to book an appointment,
please call (705) 766-0866.