Photo by: Loba

Area Stewards

Coordinator of Area Stewards Program

David Lennard
H: 905-503-0084
C: 705-767-3499
E: [email protected]

Area Stewards 2013

(Area Code 705) 
Trading Bay
David Briant (East) 766-2259 [email protected]
Jack Gillham 766-9103 [email protected]
Daphne Curtis 766-1818 [email protected]
Rabbit Bay
Sheila & Harry Edgar 766-2407 [email protected]
Seabreeze Road
Jean Francis 635-2607 [email protected]
Cathy Nystrom 635-1234
Jim Metcalfe 766-0199 [email protected]
Ten Mile Bay
Linda Robinson 635-3126 [email protected]
Mary Neal 635-2187 [email protected]
Fox Point
Betty McDonald 635-2817 [email protected]
Josee Hammill 635-9454 [email protected]
Sue Waddington 635-3051 [email protected]
Port Cunnington
Jackie Brennan 635-2792 [email protected]
Andy Montgomery 635-3496 [email protected]
Diane Pleavin 635-1002 [email protected]
Jill Turner 635-2755 [email protected]
Mike von Buttlar 635-3778 [email protected]
Bob Breithaupt 635-1443 [email protected]
South Dwight Bay
Angela Boyd 635-9492 [email protected]
North Dwight Bay
Brian Simpson 635-1626 [email protected]
Barbara Twaits 635-1967 [email protected]
Portage and Rat Bays
Stan Caplin
(Silver Birch L)
635-2007 [email protected]
Midge & Jim Monaghan      . 635-3493 [email protected]
Morris Eccles 635-1683 [email protected]
South Portage Road
Jackie Godard 635-3266 [email protected]
Bonnie Peebles 789-3569 [email protected]
(Clovelly Point) vacant
Sam Havens
(Bona Vista)
635-1592 [email protected]
Whiskey Bay
Ian White 789-9947 [email protected]
Susan Truscott 789-2911 [email protected]
North Burnt Island Road
Rick Gossage 767-3344 [email protected]
David Lennard 767-3499 [email protected]
Sue Stephenson 767-3623 [email protected]
South Shore
Pat Butler 767-3279 [email protected]
Doug Hain 767-3444 [email protected]
Gloria Woodside 767-2220 [email protected]
Carla Svendsen 767-2551 [email protected]
Mary Ann Peden 767-3637 [email protected]
Kathy Newby 766-3464 [email protected]
Barry Johnson 766-9011 [email protected]
Bigwin Island
Michele Bebis 635-1132 [email protected]