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OMB Notice: Pre-hearing re Backlot Standards

Newsflash – December 15, 2016

OMB Notice of Pre-hearing re Changes to Backlot Standards

LOBA members who either attended a public meeting or provided comments on the review of the Township’s Official Plan will soon be receiving a Notice of Pre-hearing of the appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (“OMB”) of the amendments to the backlot standards. The Notice indicates that the Pre-hearing will be held on February 15, 2017 at the Township’s municipal offices in Dwight.

The purpose of the Pre-hearing is for the OMB and the parties to obtain an understanding of the nature and extent of the appeal and to develop a schedule for the appeal to be heard by the OMB.  The purpose of the Notice is to inform those who have expressed an interest in the appeal that the appeal process is beginning. At the Pre-hearing the OMB member who has been assigned to hear the appeal will set out a schedule for the hearing of the appeal and provide instructions to formalize a procedural order for the preparation and conduct of the appeal. However, there is nothing that is needed to be done by members who receive this Notice.  LOBA will be attending the Pre-hearing with our legal counsel and we will report back to members when the details of the appeal process are settled. Members who are interested in attending to observe the Pre-hearing are certainly welcome.

The reasons for this appeal are set out in our letter dated June 14, 2016 to the District of Muskoka which you can read here.

The overwhelming majority of LOBA members who have communicated with us on this matter support the appeal and share the concerns expressed in our letter to the District. We are grateful for that support.