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2012 Yearbook Featured Articles

Camps on the BaysAndrea Duncan
Captain MarshMarijane Terry
Minding the OxtongueMark McLean
Photo Contest 2011

Our Lake of Bays – Our History

What’s in a Name? Map of names – M. Woodside, 1998 Yearbook 
History of Lake of Bays Association – C. Briant, 2002 Yearbook 
Water Levels on Lake of Bays – Deb Cumming, 2007 Fall CC
Ladies of the Lake – W. Gibson & B. Ratcliffe, 2009 Yearbook
A Link to the Past – Marijane Terry, 2011 Yearbook

A Natural and Clean Lake of Bays

The Vital Shoreline – R. Krawczyk, 2003 Yearbook
Lake of Bays Wildlife – J. Coutts, 2004 Yearbook
Natural Shorelines – J. Prasse, 2004 Yearbook
Watershed Report: Good Grades –  S. Young, 2008 Yearbook

Lake of Bays – General Interest

Great Northern Skies – P. Buwalda, 2003 Yearbook
A Bounty of Butterflies – R. Krawczyk, 2006 Yearbook
Voracious Beauty on the Hoof: – J. Coutts, 2008 Yearbook
Good Eats, Local Meats – 2009 Yearbook
Music Around the Lake –  Andrea Duncan, 2011 Yearbook
Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve – Dianne Horton, 2011 Yearbook

Historical Events

Bigwin Steamboat Launch at Dorset, July 10, 2010. Over 3500 people watched and celebrated the historic Bigwin Steam Ship return to Lake of Bays . . check out these YouTube videos of the event . . [1], [2], [3]