Photo by: Hilary Currer

Why Join LOBA?


Support the water testing program.
The Lake of Bays Association monitors the quality of our most precious and shared resources without clean water you would not enjoy the lake. The annual dues are good value for this one program alone!


Get the right information about how to minimize your footprint. 
The Lake of Bays Association is a trusted resource for information on shoreline management, septic maintenance, invasive species, waste disposal, dark sky lighting and other environmental issues.


Ensure your tax dollars are used wisely and appropriately. 
The Lake of Bays Association observes how our tax dollars are spent and works cooperatively with key political stakeholders to ensure that all property owners pay their fair share of taxes.


Have a say in growth and development of the community. 
We are all residents of Lake of Bays, and through the Lake of Bays Association you can have input into the direction growth and development takes in our community.


Be informed of current news and events. 
Receive news and information through the Current Connection newsletter, our website, the annual yearbook and electronic bulletins.


Get connected with your neighborhood. 
Your area steward will meet with you, your family and neighbours to discuss any issues or concerns you have.


Support the Lake of Bays Regatta. 
The Lake of Bays Regatta has been a successful annual event since 1904. This event is sponsored by the Lake of Bays Sailing Club, and it is supported and insured by the Lake of Bays Association.


Deal with the Unexpected. 
The ability of the organization to speak on behalf of the 1,300 members ensures that when a unified approach is required, the infrastructure already exists.


Ensure that Lake of Bays is everything tomorrow that it is today. 
We do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Native American Proverb.


Support the work of volunteers. 
Let the annual membership fees be a vote of confidence in the hard work of the many talented and dedicated volunteers of the Lake of Bays Association.