Photo by: Janine Geddes

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Development Permit By-law, Township of Lake of Bays
The Development Permit System is a new planning tool in Ontario that replaces the zoning, minor variance and site plan control processes. It requires a Development Permit By-law to clearly identify development rules and requirements it facilitates flexibility and permits the regulation of site alteration and vegetation removal. Council decided to proceed with the design of a Development Permit System in Lake of Bays Township in order to better implement the policies of the Official Plan, including the protection of our shorelines and to streamline the planning process. Provincial regulation currently limits the use of the Development Permit System to the waterfront areas of the Township. As a result, the rural areas and communities in the Township are subject to the Comprehensive Zoning By-law.

Huntsville Lakes Council
The Huntsville Lakes Council was formed in 2002 following meeting supported and sponsored by the Town of Huntsville’s Mayor’s Office and the Huntsville Ratepayers Association. The Mayor of the Town of Huntsville declared that the town would look at lake plans as part of the strategic planning initiative and where appropriate, incorporate lake plan objectives into the new Official Plan.