Photo by: Loba

Volunteer Recruitment

The strength of the Lake of Bays Association lies in the collaborative work of a very talented and interested group of volunteers, residents and cottagers who are committed to our mission “to promote, maintain and enhance a well-serviced community and a safe, peaceful Lake of Bays.” It’s the Nominating Committee’s job to identify people as candidates for members of the Board of Directors.

The association’s work is diverse, from promoting a healthy environment to watching local politics closely; many different skill sets are required to accomplish its mission. We encourage your participation. If you’re interested, read the committee reports. Is there a particular activity you identify with, or can you think of a family member or neighbour who could help us with one of our activities.

The board of directors meets six times a year, four times in Toronto and twice at the lake, while the executive meets at lunch, in Toronto nine times a year. Board members are elected at the annual meeting to two-year terms.

Each director is assigned to one of the board’s committees and most members are assigned responsibilities according to the committee’s mandate. If being on the board would be too time-consuming, please consider volunteering to help out with one of our smaller-scale activities. If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to recommend someone for a position, please be in touch with us at [email protected]