Photo by: Loba

Looking back at the life and times on Lake of Bays

To celebrate LOBA’s 90th anniversary, we’d like to create a retrospective photo gallery on our website and we need your help! We invite you to share your old photos of life at Lake of Bays over the last 90 years (or so).

We’re looking for photos of retro cottage attire (knee length bathing costumes, flowered bathing caps and plaid lumber jackets come to mind), favourite old boats, activities from ‘back in the day’ or anything that depicts life at Lake of Bays in the era in which the photo was taken. Perhaps you have pictures of places that no longer exist or an old photo of a familiar landmark on the lake today. So dig out those old family photo albums or take a close look at the pictures on the wall at the cottage this summer. Let’s see what has changed and what remains the same at Lake of Bays!

To submit a photo…

Please submit your photo(s) in digital format by email to by September 1st, 2017. The subject line of the email should be “Looking Back”. Photo submissions are not restricted to LOBA members. We welcome all current and past Lake of Bays residents and friends to participate – so spread the word! Please identify the approximate date and location of the photo (if appropriate) with a brief description or caption (optional). Participants agree to the use of their photo on the LOBA website, yearbook, newsletter and Facebook page. This retrospective project is a one time initiative and in addition to the annual Photo Contest.

How to get a digital copy of your old photo

Scan it: If you don’t have access to a scanner, Staples, COSTCO and photography suppliers such as Henry’s have scanning services. Or you can download a free document scanning App on your smartphone. Please make sure the resolution of the scan is 300 dpi or higher.

Take a picture of it: If you have a good digital camera or a good camera on your smart phone, just take a picture of the photo. To avoid glare, do not use a flash. Place the photo on the floor where there is natural light (but not direct sunlight) and snap the picture.

Questions? Contact Lili Davis-Burchat at